At the beginning of the new millennium, out of pure love of Mediterranean food, places and lifestyle, two Greeks decide to create a Mediterranean Food Website, Gourmed. Using creative thinking, passion and their professional network, they found ways to generate interesting and qualitative content that would appeal both to a Greek and international audience.
Gourmed has since grown into a broad bilingual Mediterranean food and social culture portal. Visitors can access recipes, find information about Mediterranean culinary traditions, travel, and health.  
Gourmed is about how we would ideally like to live our lives. While it aims in responding to today’s modern needs of its visitor, Gourmed supports local economies offering them a unique outreach platform.
Far more than a just a portal for recipes or cooking tips, Gourmed is trying to change the perception of Greek food and products internationally while also bring travelers closer to a more local and authentic experience. By expanding its content the team aspires to include all Mediterranean countries and create local portals in languages other than Greek and English.
For those who love to live