Innovation Farm

The Innovation Farm project was initiated by Alpha Consulting Europe ( ), a business consulting company, aimed at bringing the demand and supply of innovative ideas and creativity together.

More specifically, Innovation Farm aims to boost the creative power of various innovators by educating them, pointing at promising market needs, consulting and integrating them with investors. Individuals as well as entrepreneurs or any investing scheme that look for new, fresh, innovative business ideas could use the help that comes from the creative mass and innovation of a community of fresh minds that can provide the desired “food for thought” on interesting concepts and ideas.

The services of Innovation Farm are also offered to Marketing and R&D Departments of companies. With a spirit of innovation activism this alternative “farm” provides free consultation to people or organizations under certain socially based criteria as well as experiential learning for the younger. According to Argyris Spyridis founder of Innovation Farm, business coach and marketing instructor at the American College of Thessaloniki, the vision is to become an independent entity, a business community committed to the growth and support of new ideas and sustainable development.

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