People & Ideas
The platform People&Ιdeas was created in order to make life long learning a reality through modern means and to suggest new ways of approaching knowledge. It represents a unique website where users can learn while entertaining themselves, get information, be inspired, widen their horizon and be creative. 

The way we receive and deal with knowledge has drastically changed with web development. The 21st- century citizen must be a life-long learner, well informed and with an opinion about the main issues of his time. P&I encourages its users to develop and express well-defined life long learners' qualities: independence in learning, reflective and creative thinking, aptitude to collaborate and share their knowledge. 

Since its creation in 2010, P&I has presented a wide variety of subjects concerning the individual, society or the environment, in areas such as Science, Art etc... Articles, interviews, video productions, portraits, games, web curation etc. are some of its approaches. Advocating a creative way of thinking rather than specialisation, of making things simpler but not simplistic, P&I enhances the multi-sided, entertaining and interdisciplinary approach to knowledge. It uses mediation as a tool and remains open to new ideas. 

P&I is working with the vision to represent a live proposal to an otherwise parceled and dismantled education and knowledge field in Greece and aims to contribute constructively in promoting the scientific and cultural potential of the country.