Cambo Industries
Created in an Athenian apartment, Cambo industries has proved to have a knack for thinking ahead and comprehending what we all like to call digital. What started off as a group of challenge-starved techies looking to push their boundaries became a digital agency that has developed unique online and mobile experiences for some of the world’s most successful brands.
Cambo Industries is a digital agency that specializes exclusively in digital communication channels, mobile, web and Social Media and operates in Greece and Europe. It is a boutique digital agency, created by three individuals with a long experience in marketing and old bonds of friendship.
Cambo maintains a small team by choice, a strategy that provides the company with the necessary flexibility in challenging times. This also allows the company to shape steady and personal relationships with its clients. By combining the flexibility and speed of a small company with the accumulated experience and dynamic of a large company, Cambo has achieved an actual international presence, having carried out pan-European projects for international brands. At the same time, it maintains a stable working relationship with powerful brands in the Greek market. Its international orientation allows the company to experience and exploit new trends before they arrive in Greece.
Perhaps the most representative work of Cambo, which involves all the sections of its activities, is the My Special K of Kellogg’s. It is an automated, personalized nutrition plan that has launched successfully in 12 European countries, including England, Germany, France, Italy and Greece. It has been supplemented with iPhone, Android and Social Media applications, and has recently surpassed 1.000.000 users in England alone.