During the last years, with everything that is taking place around us, we did not exactly know towards which direction we should steer our boat, having already moored in quite a few harbors. We found ourselves on a difficult crossroad, and the only way to change and move forward was through hard work, armed with professionalism and responsibility, consistency and credibility, and with a strong vision for our future and our country – rejecting mentalities of the past. This is exactly what we did. 
T&T Executive is a leading firm in corporate travel and conferencing, committed to design innovative programs that open new potential for the Greek tourism industry. Recently, T&T inaugurated the medical tourism division aimed to raise the level of quality tourism products in Greece.
T&T Executive has invested in significant resources to strategically plan its medical travel services by reviewing Greece’s current tourist industry, identifying the gaps in the market and forming strategic partnerships with leaders in the medical field. Early on, it has recognised Greece’s competitive advantages in the field of medical travel: a mature and diverse tourism offer, breathtaking landscapes, excellent medical facilities and some of the best trained physicians around. Couple that with cost efficient high quality services, and you have a tremendous opportunity with multi-layered benefits for the tourism and the medical industry as well as the regional development.
The service offered is unlike anything else in the market and couldn’t be further removed for the holiday package approach, as great care is taken for each individual enquiry. Patients enjoy a ‘one shop stop’ service from accessing information on the medical services available in the country, to collating their medical file and arranging treatment, travel and everything that comes with it, as well as ensuring their stay exceeds their expectations and each case is properly followed up upon their return to their home country.