Founded in 2006, EuroCharity serves as the reference point for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Green Economy. Being an innovation-focused firm, EuroCharity operates the most popular portal in Greece on CSR and the Green Economy, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.
EuroCharity offers innovative on-line and off-line services to responsible, sustainability-driven corporations, groups of companies, public and private institutions, foundations and non-governmental organisations in Europe and elsewhere.
Among other activities, it publishes the EuroCharity Yearbook, an important annual multi-stakeholder publication that focuses on a special theme. EuroCharity also publishes an opt-in e-newsletter every fortnight with 14,000+ receivers, which are key stakeholders in Europe and world-wide.
The company donates 10% of its annual pre-tax earnings to selected, hard-needed, non-profit projects that are submitted by EuroCharity's registered NGO members. To date, ten projects have been funded, implemented by ten NGO members.
EuroCharity and its ambassadors participate in, speak at and officially support hundreds of relevant conferences, events and exhibitions in Greece and overseas.
EuroCharity's main thematic focus areas are: corporate responsibility, sustainability, accountability, transparency, business excellence, business ethics, corporate governance, Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI), impact investing, volunteerism, social entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship, the citizen sector, clean technology, innovation and the green economy.
The reference point for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Green Economy