PLAISIO Computers
Plaisio is a high growth multi channel, multi product and multi customer model based on the one hand on disintermediation and the reduction of the supply chain, and on the other hand on offering a continuously higher level of products and services, in combination with always more competitive prices.
In Plaisio we operate by lean and mean operations with a minimum number of layers of management, achieving high flexibility since we believe that everything is changing fast: economic conditions, product life and customer habits. The big opportunity for us is the management of change!
Plaisio started from zero as a one man operation and arrived after 42 years to 1.200 people having achieved being among the 500 fastest growing companies in Europe for 8 consecutive years. In Plaisio we work with people that are result oriented, have strong creative aptitude, work hard for something they really enjoy and move forward regardless of the difficulties.