By accessing this web site, you are unconditionally agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, concerning all of the material posted (texts, photographs, videos, graphics, logos and any file included in this website or any other linked website or referred to via repowergreece.com), and agree with the terms of the disclaimer herein in regards to the website administrators, as it is legally in effect in specific cases.   
The specific website is an initiative of the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy and of FORESIGHT Strategy & Communications, and concerns the development of a social awareness and motivation campaign targeted to audiences both in Greece and abroad, focused on highlighting modern and results-oriented perceptions which promote the prospects for progress and development in Greece regarding every societal sector.
In this context, the website contains fields where guests and visitors can submit their thoughts, opinions and stories (through texts, photographs, videos or references) reflecting the above purpose.
In order to participate, the visitors / users have to fill a participation form which includes an application used to attach texts, videos or photographs that they wish to upload.
The development, operation and management of the website is monitored by FORESIGHT Strategy & Communications and technical support is provided by ADMORE. The Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy – IPEDIS is the administrator and exclusive owner of any and all relative intellectual property rights and is subject to the obligations deriving from the operation of the website and the program.
The visitor/user of the website RepowerGreece.com unconditionally agrees with the following terms & conditions, regarding all the material posted, the pages, the graphics, the images, the photographs and the files included therein.
By participating, the visitor/user becomes member of the initiative with no further requirements, is fully and unconditionally committed by the present terms of use and has the right to participate in the specific program and the communication outreach of the initiative.
Therefore, each visitor/user is strongly recommended to read carefully these terms before visiting or using the website and participating in it.
If the visitor/user does not agree to all the terms and conditions, then he/she may not access the website, or use the content or any services offered. We may revise these terms from time to time; the visitor/user is therefore responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any modifications. Use of the services after such notification constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use as modified.
(i) The texts, photographs, videos or any other file included in the website RepowerGreece.com are property of the participants themselves and not of a third party, and in case that these files concern in a direct or indirect way third parties, they have agreed upon it by participating in the website RepowerGreece.com
(ii)  In the case that someone discovers that he/she is participating without his/her knowledge in RepowerGreece.com and does not wish so, the administrators will delete the specific post after receiving and confirming a written request through the communication form
(iii) They are above 18 years old
(iv) Their personal values and integrity is not violated by participating in RepowerGreece.com
(v) Their participation is in compliance with law 2472/1997 concerning individual protection from personal data abuses and they do not violate personal data or a third party’s right to privacy
(vi) They do not violate intellectual property rights of any third party – or they have obtained the necessary permits
They fully agree to the use of their personal data in the context of the initiative by the administrators
(viii) They provide their consent and authorization to the above-mentioned companies for the promotion of the program through printed and electronic media and the internet throughout the entire period of operation. The above-mentioned companies reserve the right to use and publish any news relevant to the initiative repowergreece.com.
(ix) By registering to the website repowergreece.com they are bound to the current terms and conditions and to all applicable laws and regulations of the Greek state, they resign from any juridical or other claim and action against the administrators in the case that an entry is deleted or not accepted for the reasons mentioned herein.
(x) They fully resign from any claim with regard to any economic - or other - support that might be offered to the Administrators and RepowerGreece.com for the purposes of the initiative and unconditionally agree that the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy reserves the right to accept economic-or other- support, sponsorships and financing for the fulfillment of the purposes of the initiative, to collaborate with the Media or other organizations or individuals and to develop any action or activity – always complying with the laws of the Greek state – that the Institute considers useful in achieving the goals of the initiative.   
(xi) All posted files in the website repowergreece.com are available to share among other users – if they wish - via their personal profiles in the social media that they might be using
(xii) If the uploaded files are not available in both English and Greek, the administrators hold the right to translate all content according to their discretion and availability, and they will not be held responsible in no circumstance for any misinterpretations or errors that might present themselves during the translation of any file.  
The initiative repowergreece.com will last for two (2) years, starting from September 1st 2011, and the administrators reserve the right to reduce or extend the period of operation by modifying the current terms. The modification will be in full effect on the day of its publication on this website and will be unconditionally accepted by its users.
The visitors/users are exclusively responsible for the content that they upload, submit or distribute via the website repowergreece.com in any way.
In no event shall the administrators (legal entities), the partners/sponsors, the collaborating companies and organizations, the employees, shareholders and legal representatives be held responsible and liable for any kind (e.g. direct, indirect, coincidental, collateral, civic or penal) of injury, loss, claim, or any special, exemplary, punitive, indirect, incidental or consequential damage of any kind (including, but not limited to lost profits, cost of procuring substitute service or lost opportunity or savings), and any legal ramifications that can occur from actions of the website users.
For any kind of damage or moral damage that will occur in the context of the website repowergreece.com operation, from the uploading, publication or forwarding of any content, the visitor/user whose participation caused the damage in question is exclusively responsible for restoring it.
The visitor/user of the website, aside from being exclusively responsible for his/her own uploading and publication of any content, is also bound  in the case of a legal conflict to restore any relative damage caused to the administrators or any third party related to his/her uploading, and more specifically in the case that damage is caused to a third party and has led to a legal process in the Courts of Law, the visitor/user is compelled to interfere in favor of the administrators of the webpage repowergreece.com, and to place any sum defined by the verdict  against the administrators of RepowerGreece.com.
In any case, the visitor/user of the website repowergreece.com recognizes as a legal right of the administrators of the website in question to interrupt the hosting, uploading and publication of any content, if they believe that it violates the above-mentioned indicatively registered terms or does not comply with the values and the philosophy of the initiative or the sponsors or the collaborating organizations of legal entities or individuals.
If it falls under the administrators’ attention that there is content which violates the privacy, honor or esteem of any third party, and if they believe that this could cause moral or financial damage to a third party, have legal ramifications or breach the law in any way, they (the administrators) reserve the right to immediately delete the specific content with no prior notification, and to proceed to any legal measure they find necessary in order to eliminate the specific violation and avert any such future violation.
Indicatively, access to the website repowergreece.com is not allowed to : (a) those who have not accepted the current terms of use, (b) those using third parties’ material without their previous consent, or use photographs of obscene content or content with political, religious, racial ramifications or other content which violates the virtuous morals, personalities and institutions, (c) those who upload or publish content which is opposite to the law, the morals, is defamatory or is opposed to the Constitutional definitions of life protection, honor, property, human value or violates third parties’ personal data, or in any way relates, promotes or implies any criminal action or is of racist nature, (d) those who upload or publish pornographic material, material which violates the Democratic principles, the right to religious tolerance, the protection of minority groups, promotes racism and xenophobia or violates individual civil and social rights of Greek or foreign citizens.
In the context of the above, the administrators of the website repowergreece.com reserve the right to only host and upload files which are exclusively approved by them, in order to avoid any misuse of the specific website, to safeguard third parties’ rights and to abide by the law.
The Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to modify the current terms, by notifying the modifications through the webpages of repowergreece.com.
In no event shall the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy, the companies FORESIGHT Strategy & Communications and ADMORE be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, which may be caused by interruption, malfunctioning or delay or any other cause related to the progress of the initiative repowergreece.com. Furthermore, the administration of the website repowergreece.com does not hold responsibility –penal or civic – towards any third party, for any accident and/or physical, material damage that might occur directly or indirectly related to his/her participation in the initiative or for any other cause.
In this case, the visitors/users, by participating in the website repowergreece.com, unconditionally agree that they hold no right or requirement over the administrators and/or ADMORE, neither can they demand the continuation of the initiative or any compensation. The Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy, FORESIGHT Strategy & Communications and ADMORE are not accountable for the content of the links of the website repowergreece.com and each visitor accepts beforehand their non-liability in the use of the website and its content.
In any case, even in the case of negligence, the website repowergreece.com and its administrators are not accountable for i) any kind of damage that might occur to the visitor / user arising from the selections and the content of the website repowergreece.com who visits on his own will and acknowledging the current terms of use and is exclusively accountable for any damage that is caused by the misuse of the webpages in question. Furthermore, the administrators of repowergreece.com do not guarantee that the webpages and their content will suffer no interruption and that the errors will be solved. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the website repowergreece.com or its servers through which the webpages are made available, will be provided without viruses or other damaging components, or that the website, the services the selections or their results are correct, complete and available at any moment. ii) any damages of any kind or nature, related to the voluntarily publication by the visitor/user of any personal or sensitive data. In such cases, the visitor/user is fully and exclusively liable to any consequences even to any harassment from third parties. iii) for damages that may occur of any kind or nature, caused by the fact that information on the internet is only safe to some degree, with the possibility of hacking or spam emailing or any other type of internet related damages  v) for the fact that the website repowergreece.com will be free of viruses or any other harmful element to the operation system of personal computer of the visitor/user.
Each visitor/user is exclusively responsible on his/her own to ensure with the use of anti-virus / internet protection software the protection of his/her personal computer and files from viruses or catastrophic programs – applications as well as the potential elimination of any detected virus. The administrators of repowergreece.com do not control the availability, the content, the policy of personal data protection, the quality and the terms of use of other webpages’ services or webpages referred to via links, hyperlinks or commercial / publicity links, which are exclusively responsible for the services rendered. The administrators of the website repowergreece.com are in no event to be considered that they accept or agree with the content or services of the websites and the webpages referred to or linked in any way via the website repowergreece.com.
The participating visitors/users reserve or hold no right on the logos, names and other symbols of the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy, of the company FORESIGHT Strategy & Communications, of the sponsors or the collaborating organizations, individuals or legal entities. The content of the webpage repowergreece.com is intellectual property of the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy, and is protected by the relative laws of the Greek state, the European Union and the international conventions. Any modification, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, public presentation or any other use of parts or the entire content of the website with any means for commercial or other purposes, without the written consent of the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy or any relative owner of the respected property rights is prohibited. Any content of the webpage (e.g. texts, photographs, graphics, etc) is prohibited to be reproduced or republished partially or entirely.
The websiteRepowerGreece.com asks for contact information of the individual or the company wishing to participate through the special contact form ONLY IN THE CASE that the participating visitors/users choose to post any content/file. THE ADMINISTRATORS ARE NOT IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE if you are asked to submit personal information through other forms which may appear in the site from outside sources. In any case, the data sent voluntarily through contact forms such as the name and email address, is NOT collected, processed, managed, disposed by any individual or legal entity and for any commercial or other reason, other than the exclusive contact between the visitors and the website Repowergreece.com. The data will never be transmitted, sold or submitted to third parties. If a visitor / user wishes to delete the submitted files, he can proceed with a written request through the contact form, and all posts will be deleted after confirmation.
The above-mentioned terms and conditions of use of the website repowergreece.com, as well as any modification, are subject to laws and regulations of the Greek state, the European Union and other international conventions. Any issue that might arise from the interpretation or the application of the current terms is subject to the Courts of Law of Athens, Greece.
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